Scrapper Tools Suggestion

With such importance accorded to search engines, scrapping content is fast becoming a very popular way of gathering content for websites. As a result, many sites or pages which respond to a certain keyword may not be genuine sources of information though they may seem relevant. This has very negative influence on the effectiveness of keyword searches because possibly quite a few websites represented by search results are scrapper sites with no original content whatsoever. Therefore, it is not totally ideal to use keywords that are over-popular and rank too well on search engines because many competing pages for such keywords are bound to exist, of which a good number of them are possibly the work of scrappers.

The scrapper suggestion tool tests the popularity of keywords and suggests combinations which are less likely targeted by scrappers. After you enter a keyword and click on the Get Google Suggestions button, you will be shown a list of numbers beside the keyword and other suggested combinations. These numbers are the competing pages for the search term and if they are way too high, the keyword is most probably prone to scrapping.

Since keywords are so significant in the endeavor to rank well on search engines, it is necessary to ensure that your keyword generates a decent list of search results in order that the content of your website be given serious consideration. With the scrapper suggestion tool, you will definitely find an effective keyword which is beyond the threat of scrappers. Using a Link Harvester

The link harvester is the most elaborate and efficient link analysis tool to date. Few links on the Internet, can escape the searching prowess of a link harvester, which probes way beyond the 1000-link search limit of ordinary link analysis tools. At such, many quality links which are usually bypassed will be uncovered by a link harvester. Since it operates with the Yahoo!API, you can be assured that no search engine regulations will be violated.

The information provided by the link harvester is very comprehensive and well-organized to conveniently give you access to all the links related to your URL of interest. First of all, you have to specify your search by selecting the link type, query depth and engine type. Then enter the URL and select the Query button to begin your search.

Subsequently, you will be presented a list of filtered sites along with their IP addresses. There are also initials for major sites such as Whois, Archive, Google, Yahoo, DMOZ and MSN where you can search for each of the listed sites. If you require a search limit beyond 5000 queries a day, you can set up your own link harvester at your website by clicking on the CSV button.

Compared to ordinary link analysis tools, the link harvester proves to be more competent in every aspect, from efficiency to depth of search. Make use of this revolutionary webmaster tool to open new doors and discover new possibilities in your search for top-quality links.You should consider checking out Black Hat Seo to help your sites rank higher in the search engines! Visit the Black Hat Forum today!