How Can I Own A Press Release Website?

Your very own press release blog is very inexpensive. People pay on average 170.00 per release. You can now have a script that will pay for itself in hours not months. This press release script is very easy to customize. Get a catchy name and go to google keyword tool to see what’s available and how many inquiries it’s geting and go from there. You can charge what you want, but by keeping the cost down the more money you will make. It’s a custom script in which when you click the submission button everything is done for you. even if you wanted it for your own business you can publish press releases daily or weekly bringing in a ton of new business to whatever site you wish. This is one cost effective way to advertise with a press release.

Your press release service is easy to maintain and by harnessing the power of this script you will soon find out how easy it is to make money with it. People with little knowledge can set it up takes less then 1/2 hour. How much money can you make? Well its up to you-we’ve had people make 1000.00 the very first day and much more in a weeks time. It’s your call really. Sending a free press release is the ultimate marketing solution. Just think if you adverised it at 59.00 and got 10 a day that’s some good money.

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