Adwords Management – One of the Best Marketing Products from Google

Ad words is one of the major advertising products from Google. In fact, it is one of the major revenue generation medium for the company. In the year 2010, the total revenue generated through advertisements by Google is around 28 billion USD! A truly astonishing figure, indeed!

Adwords management program from Google was initially released in the year 2000. This management program offers services on PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, CPM (Cost per Thousand) advertising, and ST (site-targeted) advertising for banners, rich-media based ads and text. Distribution of this program takes place for national, local, as well as international domains.

The text ads from Google are quite short. The number of characters within the headline tag will be around 25 while the additional text lines (2 in nos.) features for 35 characters for each line. However, the image ads that are available from Google follow the sizes as prescribed by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

The sales and support division of Google’s AdWords is situated within the Mountain View region of California. However, the secondary offices are located within Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company’s headquarter is in the New York City. The engineering office for Ad Words is also located in the Mountain View, California.

Every AdWords based advertisement is eligible to have its presence within Google’s own web portal. Moreover, the advertisers also have the facility to get their ads show up on those sites that are partnered with Google. Some of the search networks that are partnered with Google include, AOL search and Netscape Navigator. These search networks also display the ads from Google Adwords, but does not provide any negative impact on the overall quality scoring. The site’s performance is also not affected due to the display of such ads.

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