Most people were asking her “Why did you take up Nursing when you know that you are good at art?” Her Answer: Two years ago, our highschool guidance counselor (back in Ateneo de Iloilo), called my attention. She told me to come in her office for a quick discussion about something. I arrived.

She asked me to sit and then she began to talk. She briefed me about college, and the life that I am about to experience after graduating highschool. At some point, she asked me what course will I take. I said, I am planning to take up either Political Science (for my pre law) in UP, or Business Economics in University of Asia and the Pacific. She then said that I should consider my talents as well, integrate them with my college course.

She suggested Mass Communications, Fine Arts, Interior Designing, and Architecture. After that talk, I was confused. I thought about my future in those courses. If I took up Pol Sci, I would have been in UP right now, enjoying my summer vacation. If I took Business Eco, I would have worn a business suit.

If I took Mass Com, I would probably be busy with my articles and deadlines. If I took Fine Arts, I would imagine myself studying the history of art and the prominent people in the field. If I took Interior Design, I would have redone my entire house and changed the color schemes. If I took Architecture (it would be great to be an architect though…), I might be preoccupied with the design of my dream house. haha! Tables really turned after some time.

Months of thinking, surveying, and praying, made me realize that I can step out from the box. I made a list of my goals (long term goals) and possible JOBS that could offer me a great deal. Nursing popped first. I said to myself “Eew. It is a course for desperate people and I don’t want to be desperate!” Considering that it is the highest paying job in the whole world, and the demand is still up, I wrote it down.

I might become a nurse someday, or better, a Clinical Instructor. Though, if I choose this course, it does not belong to the the “art” scene. (I am open to new things… really.) Medical Field? It might sound scary, especially the needles and everything… I thought, the experience might pay off. I also think that it is better and practical. Instead of doing things for myself, I could help others out.

Service. It is not about the money (If that is what’s on your mind) I am not after the Dollars, nor the “abroad” part. I am after the challenge and the “fun.” Plus the cool WHITE uniform… So I chose NURSING… Now I am a nursing student. I strive hard just to pass. I study inorder to survive the said “challenging course.” I perform like there’s an emergency.

I think like an adult and not as a high schooler. I do things the right way. I am extra careful. With these, I love the fun, the thrill, and the excitement. I have no reason to change my course. (but at times, I am tempted to) Amidst the Health Care, Return Demonstrations, Bio Chemistry, Nutrition, and all the rest, I found myself tied to the computer. It was not so long ago that I started playing with our photoshop software. I made goofy designs and combined different colors.

With that, more and more deviations later, I tinkered with my friendster layout. I did the css (studied it for weeks) and the outcome was good. My friends wanted me to do theirs too, and It was just as easy as changing the color combinations, and making a good layout. A year later, I got tired of doing their layouts for free, so I joined multiply just to hide.

From there, everything is history. I tinkered the css codes, and I made myself a simple theme. 55 86 themes later, most of the people said that I should make a business out of it. And so I did. I launched Orangecup Design in the last week of december 2007. Days and even Nights of shifts (morning school and night designing) I managed to pass term after term and satisfy client after client. Now, It is my way of living.

(Think of it as studying and working at the same time)… So far, many would say that I should be in a computer-related course. Why should I? Web Designing is merely an accident. I did not wish for something like this to happen to me. Projects kept on coming in, and even BIGGER opportunities with BIG people. 3 inch thick books are invading. What more should I ask for?

I am happy with Nursing, and I am really satisfied with my side- line-job. One thing that kept these two near is TIME MANAGEMENT. I did not expect that from my talk with the guidance counselor, I would end up in an entirely different dimension. Nursing and Information Technology? Not a good match. haha!

Blogging for Business Best Practices

There’s no two ways about it: blogging for business is a lot of hard work. You need to write new weekly content, maintain and promote multiple social media sites while still keeping each post unique and fresh, manage email campaigns, and follow up on comments, posts, and emails. You want to attract new clients, provide useful takeaways for readers, all while keeping it simple and efficient. That’s doable, right?

Though it may seem impossible to control a business campaign without hiring an army of specialists, it can be done. In the beginning, you will feel less up to the challenge and more like Sisyphus rolling your stone up the hill uncertain if you’re making any headway or not. Occasionally you will even lose ground, but don’t give up though. With time, dedication, and a little ingenuity, the fruits of your labor will begin to pay off.

So what are the key ingredients to making a successful campaign, you ask? Well, I’ve gathered up an assortment of useful tips to help focus your efforts, save time, and benefit your business.

Social Media tree
First and foremost, cut yourself some slack. If you’re like me, you’re from the age of dial-up. This is not something that you were born knowing so it’s not going to be easy right off the bat. There will be an adjustment period to feel out what works for you so be patient.

Make a plan. Despite what any writer tells you, especially when they say they work better under pressure, most writers dread the starting point of any writing task. In an effort to get past this feeling, procrastination soon looms large and time begins to run short.

Procrastination can take on a life of its own when you don’t have a strategy. One way to help you develop a routine and remain consistent is to create a content calendar. If you don’t have the patience for creating your own, there are tons of templates available, which can easily be adapted to your needs.

Developing an established course of action will take the haphazard out of writing, will help you meet deadlines, and it will make your posts more focused and purposeful. Having a consistent routine is the difference between being in the periphery or being in your target audience’s line of sight.

Make a plan that works for you. Ask any writer what steps they take to write an article, story, or creative assignment and each will tell you a different way. Some will say that writing every morning or night is essential; some will say they record their ideas and transcribe them later; still others will say they make copious notes, some even while they’re in the shower, and later edit them all together. If you’re a planner and love to make lists, sometimes lists of lists, then do that. Do whatever it takes, just make it work for you; this is the key to reaching consistent and purposeful posting.

Remember, go easy on yourself. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll need to let that go. Strategies and routines are not built overnight, much like Rome.

Once you’ve established the routine, the next step is to concentrate on writing for your audience. What all readers want is a takeaway, a “what’s in it for me?” response. If you’re providing useful, relevant tips or offers or fulfilling a need, then you will engage and grow your readership and customers.

Not sure what to write? Scour the internet for ideas. Subjects are easily found on social media or you could subscribe to RSS Feed Reader to aggregate news you’re interested in.

When you do your online research for topics, you’ll never run out of ideas. It also helps to keep a running list of these ideas to help you out in a pinch. Here at Apogee, we like to keep a white board in the break room where associates write their suggestions based on client questions or general ideas. Habits such as these will keep your posts relevant and essential to your readers and clients.

Post frequently. The greater your post and activity frequency are, and the greater the authenticity of your posts, the more your readers will trust in you and your brand. More trust equates more clients leading to more success. It’s a no-brainer.

Keep in mind, you can’t win over every person and, likewise, not every person will benefit from your business so don’t be afraid to be selective when establishing online rapport. Selectivity may mean alienating some people, but this is your business we’re talking about. Building a stronger, more successful business hinges on solid clients who are right for your business.

Present yourself with conviction. Be yourself but be straightforward in your dealings and communications. People like to know where they stand with others. Likewise, don’t alienate your readers by speaking above them, too. Your audience wants to be part of a conversation, not be part of a lecture.

Resist the urge to be Captain Obvious. Nothing makes a reader lose interest or bounce off the page faster than writing an article with information that is common knowledge. Add value every time and you will have nothing to worry about.

Write articles that demonstrate your knowledge in the field and understanding of a topic. Citing industry experts and using examples and case studies further validates you’re a trustworthy source to follow.

Don’t give away the farm. Developing giveaways is okay from time to time but frequently don’t lead to huge leads. In most cases, people will redeem the offer but will not continue any further leaving employees overburdened with more work and the company taking a loss. It’s just not worth it. Instead, provide detailed tutorials or webinars to present valuable ideas. This method will be more successful in gaining leads and winning new clients.

A well-run blog and social media campaign can lead to more brand visibility and search traffic; it will generate more leads and will help build your authority. These are all things small businesses dream of, and they are attainable.
Implementing these tips will get you on your way to blogging success. Yes, it’s going to be frustrating and difficult at times, but with constant practice it will become routine. Before you know it you will be operating online without second-guessing yourself. What’s important to remember though is to never forget who you’re writing for: your audience. Keep them in mind and you can never go wrong.

What Has Changed Recently With Websites?

Tips And Tricks For Online Classifieds If you want to start internet marketing, you can begin in posting in online classifieds. You can follow the tips below when it comes to posting classified ads in order for you to gain enormous traffic. You should choose to have related headline. If your title is so powerful, it will catch the attention of the people. You should always think that there are various ads everyday. That’s why it is necessary to make catchy headlines. You can gain more backlinks to your site when you post many ads daily. Google usually indexed reputable classified sites as well as the other search engines.

Discovering The Truth About Websites
It is also important to have the right spelling and punctuation. When people see that your ads have wrong spellings and punctuations, nobody will dare to believe.

What Research About Classifieds Can Teach You

Adding pictures is also a great idea. You can express your ads through the pictures. You should not condemn a competitor to your ad description. The readers nowadays are very smart in making their decisions. They can sense if you are just try to sell your products. You must make a plan for your ad. In making your description and headline, you should think of it seriously. You may use your notebook and put all your drafts. Choose the most appropriate picture for you ad. Try to read it loud. You must put yourself on the buyers’ shoes. As much as possible you should not rush things out. Plan ahead of time before you type your ad. You just need to choose the recommended classified sites. Consider your ad as a bullet while your audiences are your target. You should put your products and services descriptions. You will see that there are many visitors who will come to visit your website. It is not costly it is easy to do, plus, it is autopilot. One of the most common ways of advertising is through PPC. There are lots of internet marketers who apply it. But you need to prepare enough budget for it. Based on the keywords, you need to bid for the price. Another way to build traffic is through forums. But it is just limited to certain people. You must stay active in the forums. This is very time consuming. It is prohibited to make spammy messages. When you do, your account will be removed by moderator. You won’t experience this in online classifieds.

Most of the internet marketers are not good in writing. If you are passionate in writing you can use the Article Directory to increase traffic to your website. However, this is also not for everyone. You must make sure that the articles are original with no errors in grammar. You may have to hire an expert article writer which means that this is an additional cost on your part. You must also have those new articles daily. That’s why it is best to make use of the online classified ads.

The Beginner’s Guide to Websites

The Good Things About Going To Alternative News Sites Because of the accessibility of news on the internet, there are many who are accessing 24-hour news sites and read news over the internet too. You will like these option because they are more affordable and you can also get more news as well. You will get to know what is happening all over the world. There is no need for you to wait for the latest newspaper to be released unlike the old days. There are lots of things that have actually changed these days and you can access information without any problem. With these options, you can get in touch with the world. There are lots of reasons why people can obtain the best news on alternative sites. These sites are not biased and this is one great thing about them.

Moreover, they are not affiliated with the political party too and they can choose the news and articles that they should post. You will see that their articles don’t have an agenda. Here are some of the advantages when reading news on alternative sites. These sites can control what types of articles they would like to publish. They are just there to break the news. In their news, there are now political connotations and they are also not biased. The different sites provide pure news. Aside from that, they are picking their topics. They are not only focusing on bad news but you will be able to hear about good news and some of the posts are quite educational.

5 Lessons Learned: Stories

They also don’t sell things. You will notice this in a newspaper wherein you will read about a product or a particular offer and in this, they are trying to sell you something. There are links that you can also click that will educate you about something. Some links that are available on the site can teach you about how you will be able to obtain things in a cheaper manner. This will be very useful for you.

Publishing Tips for The Average Joe

What’s great regarding the alternative news sites is that you no longer have to worry about bog down. The issues that you will be able to read about vary and not just focused about weather and any other topics. Moreover, the alternative news sites are also trying to comment on different things. There are so many sections that you can find in such sites such as about celebrity news, finance and others. You don’t have to read about the same news over and over again. If you wish to be updated about what is going on with the world, then you can simply turn to your computer and get the kind of information that you would like to know. There are some news that you will be able read in such sites that were not shown in television.

Scrapper Tools Suggestion

With such importance accorded to search engines, scrapping content is fast becoming a very popular way of gathering content for websites. As a result, many sites or pages which respond to a certain keyword may not be genuine sources of information though they may seem relevant. This has very negative influence on the effectiveness of keyword searches because possibly quite a few websites represented by search results are scrapper sites with no original content whatsoever. Therefore, it is not totally ideal to use keywords that are over-popular and rank too well on search engines because many competing pages for such keywords are bound to exist, of which a good number of them are possibly the work of scrappers.

The scrapper suggestion tool tests the popularity of keywords and suggests combinations which are less likely targeted by scrappers. After you enter a keyword and click on the Get Google Suggestions button, you will be shown a list of numbers beside the keyword and other suggested combinations. These numbers are the competing pages for the search term and if they are way too high, the keyword is most probably prone to scrapping.

Since keywords are so significant in the endeavor to rank well on search engines, it is necessary to ensure that your keyword generates a decent list of search results in order that the content of your website be given serious consideration. With the scrapper suggestion tool, you will definitely find an effective keyword which is beyond the threat of scrappers. Using a Link Harvester

The link harvester is the most elaborate and efficient link analysis tool to date. Few links on the Internet, can escape the searching prowess of a link harvester, which probes way beyond the 1000-link search limit of ordinary link analysis tools. At such, many quality links which are usually bypassed will be uncovered by a link harvester. Since it operates with the Yahoo!API, you can be assured that no search engine regulations will be violated.

The information provided by the link harvester is very comprehensive and well-organized to conveniently give you access to all the links related to your URL of interest. First of all, you have to specify your search by selecting the link type, query depth and engine type. Then enter the URL and select the Query button to begin your search.

Subsequently, you will be presented a list of filtered sites along with their IP addresses. There are also initials for major sites such as Whois, Archive, Google, Yahoo, DMOZ and MSN where you can search for each of the listed sites. If you require a search limit beyond 5000 queries a day, you can set up your own link harvester at your website by clicking on the CSV button.

Compared to ordinary link analysis tools, the link harvester proves to be more competent in every aspect, from efficiency to depth of search. Make use of this revolutionary webmaster tool to open new doors and discover new possibilities in your search for top-quality links.You should consider checking out Black Hat Seo to help your sites rank higher in the search engines! Visit the Black Hat Forum today!

Learn HTML – A Video HTML Course

It is important to learn HTML if you have any form of web page that can be formatted using it. HTML, or hypertext mark-up language, is not so much a computer language as originally a means of formatting so that links could be passed between pages on the World Wide Web, other known as hyperlinks.

HTML is the basis of many websites, and can be used to customize your own pages on sites such as MySpace. Knowledge of HTML is therefore useful to have. Here is a list of potential uses to which a knowledge of the language can be put (we shall call it a language for the sake of simplicity).

If you want to go straight to the description of the HTML course, CLICK HERE
HTML has several uses on a website that can be split into text formatting, hyperlinks, graphics and search engine tags. Here is a brief explanation of each:

Text Formatting

HTML is used to format text in every way you can imagine. It is used to enhance text, such as bold, italics, underline and color. In fact anything you can do with text using a word processor such as Word, you can also do with HTML.

You have a much wider color palate with HTML than you have with a word processor, and you can produce special effects that a word processor cannot offer. If you learn HTML you can also change fonts, text size and mix fonts within a sentence if you want.

Paragraph Formatting

When you learn HTML you will find out how it is use to make spaces between words, line breaks and new paragraphs. You can change line and character spacing, tabs and even ad drop capitals at the start of paragraphs.

Your HTML course will show you how to link text to other web pages, so that these pages can be accessed by clicking on the link. Hyperlinks can also be used to enable you to download other web pages, software, music, videos and any other products that can be sent over the internet. You can link from one page on your website to another in the same or a different site. Hyperlinks also link to payment processors and allow you to order, pay for and receive delivery of products.


Graphics files can be stored in a central directory and called up by an HTML link to show on your website. They can also be hyperlinked. So that clicking on a graphic will take you somewhere else on the web. You can also design a variety of tables and other graphical representations of data.

Special Effects

When you learn HTML you will find out how to scroll text across the page and many other dynamic and scintillating effects that can transform a simple page into a thing of beauty – but don’t overdo it. Web pages should not be too fussy, and should never distract your visitors away from the reason you want them there.

Search Engines

You will learn that some HTML tags, such as Meta tags and Heading (H) tags, provide search engines with important information about your web pages. Knowledge of HTML could be critical to the success of an online business, be it your major income source or just for spending money.


HTML is used in many online situations, other than Manchester web design and development. That’s why it is so important that anybody seriously intending to use the internet to promote a website or other online platform should learn HTML. Learning how to use HTML properly will not only enable you to design or even just modify your website, but will also help you with the following:

1. Squidoo Lenses: although Squidoo lenses can be managed with no knowledge of HTML, they look far better when properly formatted using HTML.

2. Emails: When you learn HTML you will understand how to use HTML links to send readers to web pages of your choice. You can also add color and tables to your emails, and make them look just like mini web pages.

3. MySpace: Some social networking sites such as MySpace allow you to use HTML to pimp up your page and your Profile. This sets you above the rest and gets you more visitors. Not only that, but your page can look really fabulous. That’s one of the attractions of learning HTML.

4. Article Marketing: Many directories publish their articles in HTML format, so not only should you take an HTML course to enable you to construct a proper resource, but also to make the most of your article submissions.

How to Use the Best Link Building Software

Using the best link building software properly, as anyone with significant experience in search engine optimization will tell you, is the most important part; more important even than finding and buying that software in the first place. If you do not use it properly then even a competitor who may have bought a less powerful software but used it properly would still be able to beat you. The best way to use this properly is to start off by familiarizing yourself with all of its features as well as its configurations. After this configure it according to your specific needs. Once you start using it, ensure that you remain consistent so that you can enjoy the results.

How to Start a Website

If you want to know how to start a website the right way then don’t get involved with these online businesses that offer you website design and a Page #1 listing on search engines. If they aren’t themselves on Page 1 how are they going to get you there? Even more ludicrous is those that promise a #1 listing!

A #1 listing on Google? For every customer? Get real! You know what? They will do as they say, otherwise it might be illegal, but they will give you a #1 listing for a keyword nobody ever uses. Like if you name is Jerry Yankovic IV they will give you a #1 listing for that. Know what I mean?

Forget it. Don’t pay to have your website built for you because it will cost a fortune, and you will be paying for ever to have it maintained. Do you really want to know how to start a website? DIY – that’s right. Do it yourself. That’s what I did and I did it myself.

I am going to take you along exactly the same road that led me to online success, and I will be with you all the way. It won’t be free, but your first few months won’t cost more than $500. What you will need is:

• A website and foolproof creative web design system
• Keyword research tools
• Traffic analysis software
• Search engine listing software
• Unlimited email addresses
• Unlimited autoresponders (to automate your business)
• A blog (to promote your business)
• A shopping cart system
• A means of receiving credit card payments
• Information on how to do it all
• Much more

I can offer you all of that and more for less than $500. Here’s the breakdown:

• Website: $299
• PayPal : FREE – this allows you to make and accept online payments by credit and debit card.
• All the rest of the above: INCLUDED
• My acclaimed eBook SEOcious selling at $47 FREE
• My article marketing encyclopedia Article Czar FREE

Check out internet millionaire Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt in a new window then return here if you are interested. He knows how to start a website – he is the master! If not, thank you for visiting, and please return again when you get into trouble. Only 1-5% people succeed online, but far more do so with one of Ken’s websites. I will help you with every step, though Ken’s instructions on how to start a website are truly foolproof – not the proverbial ‘foolproof’!

How Can I Own A Press Release Website?

Your very own press release blog is very inexpensive. People pay on average 170.00 per release. You can now have a script that will pay for itself in hours not months. This press release script is very easy to customize. Get a catchy name and go to google keyword tool to see what’s available and how many inquiries it’s geting and go from there. You can charge what you want, but by keeping the cost down the more money you will make. It’s a custom script in which when you click the submission button everything is done for you. even if you wanted it for your own business you can publish press releases daily or weekly bringing in a ton of new business to whatever site you wish. This is one cost effective way to advertise with a press release.

Your press release service is easy to maintain and by harnessing the power of this script you will soon find out how easy it is to make money with it. People with little knowledge can set it up takes less then 1/2 hour. How much money can you make? Well its up to you-we’ve had people make 1000.00 the very first day and much more in a weeks time. It’s your call really. Sending a free press release is the ultimate marketing solution. Just think if you adverised it at 59.00 and got 10 a day that’s some good money.